There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know until he takes up a pen to write. What do you write?

What do you write?

What do you write? At its core, journaling is simply about taking the time to collect your thoughts, emotions, and perspectives in written form.  There are lots of articles on the internet about the benefits of journaling. The list is long, but those who journal regularly often cite dividends including: There are many ways to […]

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Hybrid Maple Burl and Resin Pen

Comparing Ink Pens

You may wonder: What’s the difference between a ballpoint, a rollerball and a fountain pen? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each? In this article I’ll compare the different ink pens and help clear it all up for you. Ballpoint Pens These are the pens you’re most familiar with and have used a thousand

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Lathe Tooling

Penmaking 101

I usually start with a bit of curly, figured, exotic, or burl wood.  I have collected an inventory of woods imported from all over the world, but have also used wood from a tree that came down in my own backyard.  I like to use woods that have a story with them, such as wood

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Contact Todd in the Woodshop

My Story

This is my story about how I became a Pensmith. In 2020, during the pandemic, I spent more time in my woodshop and ended up purchasing a lathe as a new hobby. After turning some boards and making some spoon handles, I began looking for something more practical to make as gifts for friends and

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