What do you write?

There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know until he takes up a pen to write. What do you write?

What do you write? At its core, journaling is simply about taking the time to collect your thoughts, emotions, and perspectives in written form.  There are lots of articles on the internet about the benefits of journaling. The list is long, but those who journal regularly often cite dividends including:

  • Stronger focus. 
  • Better perspective.
  • A quieter mind.  
  • Boosted creativity. 
  • Improved confidence.
  • Heightened productivity.

There are many ways to journal. 

Stream of Consciousness.  This is simply sitting down to write down what is on your mind.  It might be referred to as a diary or personal journal. Is something bothering you? Are you excited about an event? Are you trying to reach a goal? Grab a pen and commit it to paper.  By writing it down you give it focus, attention and clarity. It could be a place where you can talk about things that you are not comfortable sharing with other people. You might be amazed at how different your inner voice sounds when it reads in black and white. 

Bullet Journaling.  This has been popular lately and while there an unlimited ways to bullet-journal, it typically involves some combination of lists, charts, and artwork. People use dotted paper to make calendars, set and track goals, or to take stock of gratitude or dreams. Many people put inspirational quotes in their bullet journal to boost focus on the goals they are journaling toward.

Bible or Prayer Journaling. By simply writing out personal prayers people report a different kind of connection or meaning associated with their spiritual practice. It also helps those that struggle to get into the habit of regular prayer or forget to pray for others.

Art Journaling. The most creative journal I can think of is an art journal.  An art journal is different from a sketchbook. There may be words or no words at all.  Only colors, pictures, and mixed media.  Scrapbooking could even be considered an art journal. It is about self-expression and imagination.

There are many other kinds of journals that have a specific focus designed by the interests of the journaler. Travel journals.  Food Journals.  Dream journals. Reading journals. Garden journals. Fitness journals. Finance journals. You get the idea.  Pick something that you are interested in, and then write about it.

Ultimately journaling is about having a more articulate relationship with whatever is on your mind.  And the science is now supporting the benefits too.  So grab a pen and start writing!

When you write the story of your life don't let anyone else hold the pen. What do you write?